Does India have any specific guidelines for Battery Recycling ?

QuestionsCategory: RecyclingDoes India have any specific guidelines for Battery Recycling ?
David Morgan asked 6 years ago
Does India have any specific guidelines for Battery Recycling ?
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Does India have any specific guidelines for Battery Recycling ?
Batteries are a among the major components of e-waste. Some batteries comprise of toxic materials and therefore need a carefully drafted set of guidelines for recycling.
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Team GreenSutra® Staff answered 6 years ago

Batteries one of the most commonly used commodities all round the globe. On an average a single person uses anywhere between 8 to 12 batteries  throughout the year. With such a high consumption rate, amount of battery waste is also high.

The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change in the year 2001 set a standard procedure or deadline regarding the management and handling of batteries in India. These guidelines are meant for Manufacturers, Importers, Assemblers, Re-Conditioners, Distributors, Recyclers and to some extent also to the end users.

Battery Management and Handling Rules in Brief:

  • Ensure collection of used batteries as per schedule against new batteries sold.
  • Ensure similarity in types and specifications of collected batteries to the newly sold ones.
  • File Half Yearly return of sales & buy back to the State Board.
  • Set up collection centers jointly or individually for collection of used batteries from consumers and dealers.
  • Ensure sending of collected used batteries to registered recyclers.
  • Ensure no damage comes to the environment while transportation.
  • Create public awareness through ads, publications, posters or other means for the various hazards and the responsibilities of consumers to return their used batteries only to the dealers or deliver at designated collection centers.
  • Use the international recycling sign on Batteries.
  • Buy recycled lead only from registered recyclers.
  • Provide addresses of dealers and designated collection centers for used batteries.

However, most guidelines provided are for automotive batteries or Lead Acid batteries.

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