Rooftop Solar Solutions

India has more than 300 sunshine days giving 5000 trillion units per year!

Rooftop Solar Solutions by Team GreenSutra are specifically curated for individuals, societies, industries and communities where the space available on roofs are utilized to install solar panels to harness electricity from the sun.

Rooftop Solar Solutions help everyone breakaway from traditional practices of being dependent on power and energy being generated at distant grid far away.

Most of the Solar Systems have a lifespan of at least 25 years which make these systems highly preferred alternatives.

Our Solar Solutions

Solar Designing by Team GreenSutra
Design & Engineering
Installation & Commissioning
Net Metering

Benefits of Rooftop Solar

Reduced Electricity Bills
Low Maintenance
Clean & Sustainable Power
Government Subsidies

Start your Sustainable Journey

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Rooftop Solar Solutions
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Rooftop Solar Solutions
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Team GreenSutra, Telephone No.8369129962
Rooftop Solar Solutions by Team GreenSutra are curated specifically for individuals, societies, industries who want to adopt & benefit from solar solutions.