Electric Cars and their Future

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Rushabh Shah asked 6 years ago
It’s been said that electric cars are the way of the future.
They will replace internal combustion and the transportation will become very eco-friendly.
But, does anyone take into account the manufacturing of these vehicles and amount of precious metals and other components that go into it.
Wouldn’t a traditional internal combustion vehicle be more eco-friendly on a long term basis, when the life of an electric vehicle battery is no more than 5 years now?
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Team GreenSutra® Staff answered 6 years ago
Well, this is a tough question to answer.
Electric cars and other electricty powered transportation is definately the future.Conventional automobiles with internal combustion engines have far too many components (engine assembly, exhaust systems etc), complex design and produce too many carbon emissions. Compared to these, electric cars have have a simple motor assembly and batteries.

So in comparison, manufacturing of electric cars will be less complicated with lesser or equal resources being used.

As far as the batteries life cycle is considered, battery technology is constantly evolving and developing and better solutions shall soon be available to masses.