How to dispose batteries properly?

QuestionsCategory: RecyclingHow to dispose batteries properly?
Vivian Jha asked 3 years ago
How to dispose batteries properly?
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How to dispose batteries properly?
It is important to manage and dispose batteries properly so as to protect the environment from the negative effects!
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Team GreenSutra® Staff answered 3 years ago

Battery Recycling : Must Know Facts | GreenSutra | India

Correctly disposing batteries is the first step in the process of Battery Recycling. Here are some guidelines to help you properly dispose batteries:

  • Know about the local laws and directives regarding battery disposal policies.
  • Button Batteries should be disposed at Hazardous Waste Collection Sites.
  • Similarly, rechargeable Lead-Acid or Nickel Cadmium Batteries should also be disposed at household Hazardous Waste Collection Sites.
  • Lithium or Lithium Ion Batteries can be dropped off at nearby Battery Recycling Centers.
  • Small to Large Businesses can partner up with local recycling centers to dispose batteries in bulk.
  • Car batteries can be dropped off at the retailer for recycling. (Most of the time with some reimbursement)
  • E-Waste Collection Centers also are good drop off centers.