What are greenhouse gases?

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Vayu Raghavan asked 5 years ago
What are greenhouse gases?
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What are greenhouse gases?
Greenhouse gases are the main culprits responsible for climate change and global warming. Learn more about greenhouse gases here.
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Team GreenSutra® Staff answered 5 years ago

Any gas that has the ability to absorb and emit radiant energy within the thermal infrared range can be referred to as a Greenhouse Gas.

In simpler terms, a greenhouse gas can be referred to as a gas present in the earth’s atmosphere that traps the heat that the sunlight brings.

Greenhouse gases are abbreviated as GHG.

Some of the major greenhouse gases are:

Greenhouse GasChemical FormulaGlobal Warming PotentialAtmospheric Lifetime (years)
Carbon DioxideCO21100
Nitrous OxideN2O298114
Chlorofluorocarbon - 12CCl2F210,900100
Sulphur HexafluorideSF622,8003,200
Nitrogen TrifluorideNF317,200740