What does zero waste mean?

QuestionsCategory: WasteWhat does zero waste mean?
Damini Upadhyay asked 2 years ago
What does zero waste mean?
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What does zero waste mean?
Learn about what waste management to achieve true zero waste targets in your attempt to adapt sustainability!
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[email protected] Staff answered 2 years ago

The term Zero Waste refers to identifying and setting up the most sustainable processes ensuring circularity by reducing the generation of waste to zero.

This is most commonly achieved by adapting practices of:

  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle

More detailed and strategic approaches involving the redesign of processes depending on the life cycle analysis of resources have started gaining traction.

Going Zero Waste is the surest way to take a step toward a sustainable lifestyle.

Additionally, the terminology waste should not be limited to tangible objects but also energy waste, water wastage and resource wastage.