What is meant by ECBC ?

QuestionsCategory: Green BuildingWhat is meant by ECBC ?
Pradeep Mathews asked 6 years ago
What is meant by ECBC ?
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What is meant by ECBC ?
Because of energy wastage, energy requirements for building spaces keeps increasing everyday. With the help of ECBC, high energy efficiency practices and models can be prescribed and adopted by them.
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Team GreenSutra® Staff answered 6 years ago

ECBC stands for Energy Conservation and Building Codes.

It was first launched by the Minister of Power, Government of India, in May 2007.

Its purpose was to help promote energy efficiency in the building sectors. ECBC does so by setting design norms for:

  • Building Envelope –  Thermal performance requirements for walls, roofs, and windows
  • Lighting System – Day lighting, and lamps and luminaire performance requirements
  • HVAC System – Energy performance of chillers and air distribution systems
  • Electrical System
  • Water Heating and Pumping Systems – Requirements for solar hot-water systems