What is meant by GHG Inventory?

QuestionsCategory: Global WarmingWhat is meant by GHG Inventory?
Prachi Desai asked 3 years ago
What is meant by GHG Inventory?
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What is meant by GHG Inventory?
Identifying the levels and quantities of greenhouse gases has become essential in order to monitor its impact on the environment.
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Team GreenSutra® Staff answered 3 years ago

Greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories can be referred to as cumulative annual calculations of greenhouse gases being emitted either directly and indirectly to support human activities.

Greenhouse gas inventories can also be defined as a list of emission sources and associated emissions that can be quantified using standardized methodologies.

The results of these inventories are compiled into tables of common reporting format that may be used for submissions at global registries such as UNFCCC.

Greenhouse gas inventories may be developed for a variety of reasons including:

  • Identifying and managing GHG risks
  • Identification of reduction opportunities
  • Participating in GHG Markets
  • Achieving recognition for early voluntary action