Why is battery recycling important?

QuestionsCategory: RecyclingWhy is battery recycling important?
Bikram Singh asked 3 years ago
Why is battery recycling important?
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Why is battery recycling important?
With the ever increasing number of batteries for all the varied applications, learn the importance of battery recycling.
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Team GreenSutra® Staff answered 3 years ago

Batteries are made from various resources and chemicals. Some of these materials are toxic, while the others are valuable. When thrown away and not recycled, they most probably end up in landfills where toxic materials leak into the ground causing soil and water pollution or might get incinerated with other domestic waste causing air pollution.

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Recycling Batteries :

  • Helps reduce pollution.
  • Prevents toxic degradation of environment.
  • Helps preserve resources.
  • Provides raw materials for remaking batteries and other industries such as steel industry or glass industry and many more.
  • Saves energy by reducing the need for raw materials.