Did you know that approximately 6 MT of Plastic Waste goes unrecycled every year in India !

Did you know that the use of Single Use Plastic has been banned !

Did you know that almost all plastics are recycled !

Recycling with GreenSutra!

Yes, individuals can recycle  their plastic waste with GreenSutra!

Clean & Collect

It is highly recommeded that all collected plastic be cleaned post its use!

Ship to GreenSutra

You directly ship your collected plastic waste to us or contact us to organize a pick up!

Recycling at GreenSutra

Once we receive the plastic waste, your job is done.

We will ensure that it gets recycled into something usefull !

Recycling at GreenSutra

We also share an acknowledgement for your contribution towards recycling.

It is our way of appreciating your efforts to reduce plastic waste!

Share with All

We encourage everyone to recycle and would love if you can help spread the word!

This is the first step in the fight against plastic pollution and everyone is part of it!