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Dual Arm Desk Lamp - GreenSutra®

Add character to your spaces with this Dual Arm Desk Lamp made by upcycling several materials such as wood, metal and glass!

These 100% Upcycled Desk Lamps are the go to choice for sustainable lifestyle and people looking to reduce their carbon footprint!

Carefully crafted from post consumer waste by GreenSutra, these upcycled Desk Lamps reduce the impact on the landfills and the environment!

This Upcycled Dual Arm Desk Lamp has been made by Team GreenSutra using scrap materials such as damaged telescopic drawer channels, scrap wood and beverage bottle !


Since all the Upcycled Desk Lamps are made from post consumer scraps and waste, the colors, style and frame may not be uniform.

Weight 1.5 kg

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