What are the benefits of net metering systems?

QuestionsCategory: Energy and PowerWhat are the benefits of net metering systems?
Jaison Varghese asked 6 years ago
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What are the benefits of net metering systems?
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What are the benefits of net metering systems?
Net Metering policies are being introduced in several cities in addition to the existing grid connected systems. Almost everyone is welcoming Net Metering Policies for the many benefits that it brings along with it.
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Team GreenSutra® Staff answered 6 years ago

Net metering is that arrangement that takes into account the difference of energy consumed from the gird and energy fed back to the grid. Using such net metering systems comes with several benefits. Some of these benefits have been listed below.

Benefits of Net Metering

Using Net Metering configuration comes with the following benefits:

  • Monetary Benefits – Since the owner is charged for net energy consumed from the utility grid, he directly enjoys financial benefits.
  • Battery Less Systems – In this configuration, excess energy is directly fed into the main grid and deficit energy is directly drawn from the main grid. This helps avoid the heavy costs of batteries which were traditionally used as for the purposes of bringing balance and stability to the system.
  • No Dependency on Back-Up Systems – Because there is direct switch between the energy sources and no dependency on batteries, there is no need of depending on any backup systems.
  • Less or No Maintenance – With the reduction of factors like backup systems and batteries, maintenance becomes next to negligible.