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Tips on how to Save Energy in Summer - GreenSutra®

Tips on how to Save Energy in Summer

Save energy upto 20 to 30% every summer.

Tips on how to save energy in summer | GreenSutra | India

Summer not only brings the hottest temperatures of year but also a spike in the utility bills. This spike in utility bills indicate:

  • Low energy efficiency
  • High amount of energy wastage
  • Increased overall carbon footprint

During such times, it is important to save energy to

  • Decrease energy wastage
  • Reduce overall carbon footprint
  • Help reduce on unnecessary expenditures

Tips on how to Save Energy

The following tips not help identify the causes for this wastage but also helps save energy:

  • Keep unwanted lights off – Approximately only 10-25% energy is used to generate light, the remaining energy is wasted in the form of heat. Additional energy is then required to counter this heat.
  • Replace incandescent bulbs with LED – Incandescent bulbs convert over 40% of the consumed energy into heat. Also LED lights use marginal amount of energy to produce the same amount of light.
  • Make use of day light instead using artificial light –  Of all the seasons, summer brings in maximum day light. This helps reduce the time for which artificial lights are required.
  • Keep the blinds/shades/curtains closed – Sun light is known to warm up spaces. By keeping the blinds or shades or curtains closed during the warmest part of the day, unnecessary warming of the rooms can be avoided which would have then required energy to regulate the room temperature.
  • Install weather strips around doors and windows – Gaps around doors and windows allow air (hot or cold) to enter or escape from the room. Such leaks result in the requirement of additional energy for regulating the set room temperatures.
  • Install window glazing and films – Use of glazed windows and films allows natural light to pass through them whilst deflecting a lot of the heat or warmth.
  • Cook during the cooler parts of the day – Cooking activities generate a lot of energy and heat. Cooking during the cooler parts of the day allow the heat generated to dissipate easily without requiring additional energy.
  • Make use of ceiling fan –  Using a ceiling fan in combination of an air conditioner allows to set approximately 4° higher while achieving the same thermal comfort while using lesser amount of energy. Each degree can help save 3-5% energy.
  • Upgrade old electronics – Older electrical appliances use more electricity and are less efficient. Upgrading really old electronics with energy efficient ones can save approximately 25-40% energy. Additionally, upgrading to air conditioners with inverter technology can help save 20-40% energy.
  • Take cooler showers – Taking cool showers does not require additional energy to bring the water to a comfortable temperature.
  • Air Drying – High summer temperatures are ideal for the purposes of drying washed utensils, dishes and clothes.
  • Insulate piping and conduits for cooling – Thermal energy can easily leak from refrigeration pipes and conduits.

Additional Tips on how to save energy

Tips on how to Save Energy in Summer
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Tips on how to Save Energy in Summer
Everyone experiences a shoot up in the electricity bills with the start of summer. Here are some tips on how to save energy in summer.
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