Is Vampire Power real ?

Vampire Power leads to ghost consumption amounting to approximately 100-150 units in your electric bill annually.

Vampire Power or Standby Powerr or Vampire Draw or Phantom Load| Greensutra | India
Vampire Power is most commonly known as standby power or vampire draw or phantom load or leaking electricity. It refers to the electric consumption by electronic and electrical appliances while they are switched off or in a stand by mode.

Vampire power sometimes may also be referred to as no-load power.

What it does?

  • Well vampire power is one of the biggest contributors to electricity wastage across the globes. Recent studies show about 5-8% electricity wastage occurs due to ghost consumption because of Vampire Power.
  • Ghost Consumption leads to increase in electricity approximately by 2-4%.
  • It also helps increase the carbon footprint.

How it Works ?

Vampire Power by definition is the consumption of electricity whilst in standby mode or switched off state. The following examples might help understand how it works:

  • Most electronic devices today are rechargeable and come with an AC wall charger. Whilst being plugged in, they constantly supply charge irrespective of the fact that the device is completely charged or not connected. Many critics believe that these wall chargers waste as much as 50 percent of the power they use.
  • Televisions when switched off by remotes are put in Standby Mode. In the meanwhile, the same television is consuming electricity to remain in the standby mode so that when switched on using a remote again, it would do so quickly. This is same with some printers, computers or radios.
  • Certain gadgets use electricity to power a display screen, an external time display or an internal clock. This power usage might be justified for some cases.Let’s say, your refrigerator needs to monitor temperature levels in order to power up at appropriate times, in such cases it would be justified. But when it comes to your radio, it’s not as easy to justify a constant power drain to keep the digital clock lit.

Impacts of Vampire Power

With all the contributions to annual wastage, vampire power has increased the demand for electricity generation. This means that more resources are being consumed to meet this demand. All of this enacts a hefty toll on the environment as power plants keep pumping greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.

Let’s put a perspective on Vampire Power’s impact on the environment. An average household consumes 0.8 KWh of Vampire Power everyday. This is equivalent to 0.72 kgs of CO_2 per day or 21.6o kgs of CO_2 emissions every month or 0.26 Tons of CO_2 annually.

 Which devices draw Vampire Power ?

Almost all electrical devices draw standby power or vampire power, some more than other. Most common culprits include:

  • Television
  • Air Conditioners
  • Desktop Computers
  • Laptops
  • Mobile and other chargers
  • Music Systems
  • Kitchen Appliances
Is Vampire Power real ?
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Is Vampire Power real ?
Among daily electrical consumption, there is some consumption because of vampire power too. This vampire power adds approximately 5% or more to your electricity bill.
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