What are POPs ?

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Alisha Modi asked 6 years ago
What are POPs ?
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What are POPs ?
Pollutants are the substances responsible for polluting different resources. Not all pollutants are same, they can be small, big, organic, inorganic, man-made, natural, toxic etc.
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Team GreenSutra® Staff answered 6 years ago
POPs stand for – Persistent Organic PollutantsPersistent Organic Pollutants can be referred to as toxic substances that are formed from organic compounds that accumulate in the environment. They are termed persistent because they are extremely resistant to natural breakdown processes.

POPs possess a particular combination of physical and chemical properties such that, once released into the environment, they:

  • Become widely distributed throughout the environment as a result of natural processes involving soil, water and, most notably, air;
  • Accumulate in the fatty tissue of living organisms including humans, and are found at higher concentrations at higher levels in the food chain; and
  • Are toxic to both humans and wildlife.

POPs can be produced by various industrial processes like:

  • PVC production
  • Production of Pesticides
  • Insecticides and Herbicides
  • Incineration of Waste.

Some examples of POP include:

  • Dioxins
  • DDT
  • Furans
  • Chlordane
  • Dieldrin