What is a Grid Connected Solar System?

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Jignesh Trivedi asked 6 years ago
What is a Grid Connected Solar System?
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What is a Grid Connected Solar System?
Grid connected solar systems are also known as grid connect PV systems. Most urban areas have started adopting grid connected solar systems in efforts to go green.
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Team GreenSutra® Staff answered 6 years ago

Currently power grids, that draw power from different Power Plants, are used to distribute power to homes and buildings. These homes and buildings can therefore before be referred to as grid connected.

A Grid Connect Solar System is formed when an electricity generating solar system is connected to the existing power grid or utility grid. Such systems are also referred to as Grid Connected PV Systems.

These systems comprise of:

  • Solar Panels (Single or Array)
  • Inverters (Single or Multiple)
  • Power Conditioning Unit
  • Grid Connection Equipment

Grid Connected Solar Systems or Grid Connected PV Systems provide some or even most of their power needs while still being connected to the local electrical grid network drawing power only if power generated from the system falls short (for instances during night times). If the conditions are right, the grid-connected system generates excess power, beyond consumption by the connected load which can then be fed back to the utility grid in exchange of credits or offsets.