Recycling Services

It is estimated that approximately 135-150 Million MT of solid waste is generated every day in India of which only 20% is treated. And this figure just keeps on increasing.

The negative impact on the environment because of this can be seen in the form of Pollution, Global Warming, Climate Change and so on.

This makes Recycling the need of the hour.

Our Recycling Solutions

Most of the items that are discarded as waste can be reused or upcycled or recycled but they end up in landfills.

Some items can be recycled infinitely while the others can be recycled several times.

Plastic Recycling
E-Waste Recycling
Paper Recyc;ing
Glass Recycling

Our Recycling Solutions

State Compliances
Environmental Impact
Employment Opportunities
Social Influence
Our Recycling services are aimed directly at the correct and eco-friendly method of disposal of most types of waste that are generated. Recycling helps reduce the demand of :
  • Virgin Materials
  • Water Resources
  • Energy Resources

  • The goal of our recycling services is to:
  • Help everyone adopt and adapt to the local / state compliances.
  • Help create positive environmental impacts.
  • Help create employment opportunities.
  • Help generate positive social influence through traditional and current networking platforms.
  • Start your Sustainable Journey

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