Carbon footprint for an average person may range from 4 to 25 Tons of CO2 emissions per year.


Carbon Footprint: All you need to Know by GreenSutra

Carbon Footprint plays an instrumental role in studying and observing the behavioral impacts on global warming and the resultant climate change.

Carbon Footprint Solutions by Team GreenSutra include the identification, evaluation and verification of environmental impacts, energy consumption and GHG emissions attributable to a product, package, facility and or organizations. 

As a part of several international initiatives and accords, companies, organizations and communities have committed to drastically reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, energy and water consumption. Carbon Footprint Solutions can support such companies and organizations authentically communicate sustainable claims using appropriate and globally recognized standards.

Our Carbon Footprint Solutions

Carbon Footprint and GHG Inventory Solutions include the analysis and cumulative study of Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions.


Identification of sources of emissions and their contributions


Estimation of GHG emissions from the identified sources and their verification


Curating recommendations to reduce the emissions and or methods to offset them

Carbon Footprint and GHG Inventory can be estimated for individuals, companies, organizations, products, supply chains and communities.

Benefits of Carbon Footprint Solutions

Trust & Credibility

Estimation and Verification of Carbon Footprint demonstrates a commitment of being fully transparent and accountable to stakeholders and thus generates even more trust.
It can also help differentiate a business from competition, providing a distinct market advantage and may even lead to further business opportunities and markets.


Carbon Footprint Solutions are most commonly used as first step towards adapting and adopting sustainable practices at various organizations.

Using these Carbon Footprint Solutions, companies and organizations can also track and quantify the impact of sustainable practices over a period of time.


With several international accords in place and most governments trying to mitigate the impacts of global warming, Carbon Footprint and GHG Inventory Solutions are being increasingly adopted.

These solutions can also help facilitate the alignment of a business’ strategy with government policy and regulations which may be advantageous in sequestering government support.

Additional Revenue

Carbon Footprint Solutions provides credibility to prospective buyers and investors which reduces the risk inherent in the investment and procurement process. This may also facilitate investment in businesses with ease.

Additional revenue can be generated from the carbon credits in case a company or organization can become carbon negative in the form of carbon credits.

Our Process

Step 1
Boundary Indentification

An initial assessment is carried out to understand and identify the boundaries of a company or organization

Step 2
Emission Sources

Based on the identified boundaries, all sources of emissions are identified and documented as per measurement protocols.

Step 3

Having identified the boundaries and emission sources, the Carbon Footprint is quantified and estimated.

Step 4

The estimated Carbon Footprint is verified in accordance to globally accepted methodologies and protocols.

Step 5
Creation of Baseline

For companies and organizations the initial Carbon Footprint analysis and or GHG Inventory , the verified values may be used to create a baseline.

Step 6

Once the Carbon Footprint and GHG Inventory is conducted, mitigation steps are identified based on the target of the company or organization.

Start your Sustainable Journey

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Carbon Footprint Solutions by Team GreenSutra
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Carbon Footprint Solutions by Team GreenSutra
Carbon Footprint Solutions by Team GreenSutra include identification, evaluation and verification of environmental impacts, energy consumption and GHG emissions attributable to a product, package, facility and or organizations.
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