Vampire Units : Identify & Estimate your wastage by Vampire Power

You might be paying almost 5% extra every month owing to Vampire Units.

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Units in your bill that show up because of electricity consumed by Vampire Power are called Vampire Units. Impacts of these units are very straight forward. They cause unwanted increase in your electric bill and also are the root cause for increase in your carbon footprint. Vampire Units directly result in electricity wastage.

Identifying and Estimating

It is important to identify which appliances consume vampire power. Such appliances are identified if they are:

  • Always plugged in sockets
  • Switched Off by remote
  • Put on Standby or Remote
  • Always Changing

We have listed below a set of electronic devices that are most commonly used in most households or offices. The list also contains the average vampire power or average standby power consumption in W (watts) of the respective appliances.

To estimate the units, following equation can be used:

Units = Watts x Hours

These vampire units help quantify the amount of wastage and take proper precautions against it. For ease of use, we have organised the data in five generic categories. 

If your device is not listed here or you would like to expand this list, drop by your suggestions in the comment section below.

Vampire Units : Identify & Estimate your wastage by Vampire Power
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Vampire Units : Identify & Estimate your wastage by Vampire Power
Identify your consumption due to vampire power or standby power. Estimate your Vampire Units by referring to the data provided here.
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Team GreenSutra®

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